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Healthy Oils

Have you heard the word on our oils?

Bluebird products are now cooked in canola and sunflower oil. Now with less saturated fats* but the same great Bluebird taste.

Bluebird New Zealand is proud to make this change to many of our great snack brands like Bluebird and Doritos. Switching to cooking in canola and sunflower oil for our major snack brands means more than 90% of our local snack portfolio now meets our 2025 goal to reduce saturated fat in our products to no more than 1.1 grams per 100 calories.

For some of the company’s iconic brands, the saturated fat content has been reduced by as much as 85%. Bluebird New Zealand is committed to reducing the saturated fat and sodium in our products for Kiwis.

Bluebird New Zealand are committed to reformulating our products without compromising on taste!

*Bluebird chips now contain up to 85% less saturated fat than previous recipes cooked in palm oil.